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1) Message boards : News : [August 7, 2023] Planned maintenance breaks (Message 244)
Posted 27 Aug 2023 by swiftmallard
Any chance of new work sometime soon?
2) Message boards : News : iThena.Computational: Organizational information (Message 222)
Posted 30 Dec 2022 by swiftmallard

We plan to add support for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms in the near future.

Is there an estimated timeframe for new Windows tasks?
3) Questions and Answers : Preferences : BOINC Setting "request tasks to checkpoint" (Message 167)
Posted 1 Oct 2022 by swiftmallard
I crunch in small blocks, and I notice that any progress I've made is erased every time I reboot. I have checked my Boinc settings and everything looks ok and runs as expected on different programs. Is this something that is easily fixable. I want to crunch, but don't want to lose 2-3 hours of work when I reboot.

I 100% agree

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