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1) Message boards : News : iThena.Computational: Organizational information (Message 228)
Posted 16 Jan 2023 by iFoggz
Probably delayed we will have to wait and see :)

Once done we can then put up a poll on Gridcoin.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : credit/points to low? (Message 227)
Posted 13 Jan 2023 by iFoggz
You don't get credits based on time with this project from what I see.
100 credits per unit regardless of time length. Static credit amounts are fine. If you crunch more you'll have more credits then those who crunch less.

just my opionon
3) Message boards : News : iThena.Computational: Organizational information (Message 214)
Posted 29 Nov 2022 by iFoggz
integrate might not be the best wording and might be confusing. if this project gets whitelisted will pull that stats from the project once a day and incentivize Gridcoin community members for the contribution they make. Gridcoin mainly just brings a lot of computing power to a project. There is currently 2500 active beacon in which most users tend to have >1 machine to crunch with. If you wish to not be a part of Gridcoin then continue crunching away as usual as Gridcoin does not affect your crunching or support for this project in any way.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : New app HEX (Message 205)
Posted 15 Nov 2022 by iFoggz
it has appeared that they take a lot longer (percentage goes up slower then graph app) however I believe the 80% may not be accurate since the hex units seem to finish only 15-30 minutes after the graph units. so I think they jump to 100% at a certain point.

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