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Easter 2022 Greetings

On the occasion of Easter we would like to wish you all the best.
The best wishes in these very difficult times for everyone.

We remember that there are many very old topics on the forum, but unfortunately lately we have a very shortage of time. We apologize for the problems and often lack of information.

17 Apr 2022, 19:33:43 UTC · Discuss

[January 20, 2022] Planned maintenance breaks
We plan to perform a maintenance outage tomorrow (January 20, 2022) for system maintenance.

There may be service availability issues from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (UTC time).

19 Jan 2022, 19:06:29 UTC · Discuss

OONI: iThena integration of OONI Probe boosts censorship measurement coverage worldwide
OONI (Open Observatory of Network Interference) has published a blog post on its integration with the iThena project.

We encourage everyone to read it:

We invite everyone to visit the official OONI website:

27 Dec 2021, 13:53:31 UTC · Discuss

[December 25, 2021 to December 26, 2021] Planned maintenance breaks
We are scheduling project outages from December 25, 2021 to December 26, 2021.

These will be temporary access issues.
Sometimes these interruptions may last a few hours at most.

25 Dec 2021, 8:44:08 UTC · Discuss

Merry Christmas 2021

On the occasion of Christmas, the project team extends best wishes to everyone.

Much health.
Much happiness.
Much success.
Happy Christmas.
Fast computers and lots of credits ;)

24 Dec 2021, 20:18:30 UTC · Discuss

Statistics export requirements for the iThena.Computational project
After minor configuration changes in the project, interested users please verify the export (AGREE & ALLOW STATS EXPORT) of their data to XML statistics for external services such as Free-DC or/and BOINCStats.

We know that export settings may have changed.
We are very sorry for problems.

More info:

13 Nov 2021, 22:52:59 UTC · Discuss

iThena.Computational on BOINCStats
Statistics for the iThena.Computational project are available on BOINCStats:

Many thanks to the BOINCStats administration for quickly adding the project!

9 Nov 2021, 18:06:29 UTC · Discuss

iThena GRAPH: windows_intelx86 and windows_x86_64
The iThena GRAPH application is available for the windows_intelx86 and windows_x86_64 platforms.

We encourage everyone to test the application on the Windows platform!
8 Nov 2021, 19:48:21 UTC · Discuss

iThena.Computation Project Stats on Free-DC
Statistics for the iThena.Computation project are now available on Free-DC:

Many thanks to the Free-DC administration for quickly adding the project!

4 Nov 2021, 18:42:47 UTC · Discuss

Export statistics to XML
Export of iThena.Computational project statistics to XML has been launched:

URL to the statistics files:

3 Nov 2021, 13:44:01 UTC · Discuss

iThena GRAPH - version for i686-pc-linux-gnu platform
The iThena GRAPH application (v1.03) is now available for the i686-pc-linux-gnu platform.

Please test it ;)

3 Nov 2021, 7:32:47 UTC · Discuss

First, test version of iThena GRAPH
The first test version of the iThena GRAPH application is available on the project server.

This application is currently available only for x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.

It is a CPU intensive application (one thread is used).

On an Intel Xeon E3 1220 @ 3.10GHz processor the computation time should be ~177 minutes.

1 Nov 2021, 9:15:37 UTC · Discuss

October 31, 2021: iThena.Computational: First news
Today (October 31, 2021) we officially launched the iThena.Computational project website.

The Halloween date here is completely coincidental :)

The master URL of the project is:

The project currently has no app added yet.
CPU-Intensive applications will be added initially.

The project will be used as a computational platform for analysis based on data extracted from the iThena.Measurements project applications/sensors.

Current URL for iThena.Measurements:

31 Oct 2021, 22:02:26 UTC · Discuss

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